Monster Rally – Mystery Cove LP

May 25, 2017 New Music

Summer of 2011. In the dense forests of the Olympic Peninsula, I lay on an uprooted mossy giant, bathing in the leaf-filtered sunlight and sharp echoes of bird calls. From the nearby trail I hear a faint repetitive rhythmic chime advancing forward, swirls of South Pacific strings becoming more apparent with every passing second. A beautifully eerie psychedelic loop of island instruments and hip-hop percussion pouring from one of twenty-something cargo pockets hanging loosely around a friends’ legs.

Still lying high in the air on that bed of orange and brown, my eyes open and I’m instantly consumed by this new summer soundtrack. Since the release of Monster Rally’s “Deep Sea EP”, his classically sampled exotica loops have been a staple of summer adventures and hangouts.

In late 2016, Monster Rally released yet another collection of these charming loops in the extensive Mystery Cove LP, and we’ve been saving this one specifically for summer.

“Mystery Cove, is a soundtrack to an imaginary movie both fit for the vaults of TMC and primed for a grindhouse exploitation flick screening. Mystery Cove contains a narrative arc of young lovers on an island getaway. As the grooves spin, Monster Rally reveals a cabalistic presence in the jungle that leads them on an adventure of surf competitions (“The Big Surf”), voodoo terror (“Tourismo”), and plenty of slushy cocktails (“After Hours”). The occult meets the salt-rimmed rum mix on Mystery Cove.”

So sit back, relax and enjoy as Monster Rally takes us on that exotic voodoo-infused journey.

Star Slinger – Good Chance

April 28, 2017 New Music

In a slight deviation from his recent bass-heavy rap sounds, Star Slinger has taken to showcasing a few old and unreleased songs on Soundcloud. We were surprised to see it culminate in the release of his short but upbeat new song “Good Chance”.

Sampling from soul artist Jimmy J. Barnes and topped with quick high-hat rolls, the song quickly takes shape as a fantastic little pick-me-up for your day.

Bibio – Beyond My Eyes

April 26, 2017 New Music

Bibio is back! And this time he’s bringing some French-house inspired music to the table.
A song suitable for your warm and sunny drives down a long stretch of freeway, or perhaps wandering the city streets alone at night while observing the subtle cinematic moments around you.

“Beyond My Eyes” is one of four songs from Bibio’s upcoming Beyond Serious EP due for release on May 5th via Warp Records.

Dream Journal – Take You Home (ft. Maiah Manser)

April 11, 2017 New Music

Throughout the last two years, we’ve been keeping a close eye on Dream Journal’s releases. From his single “Circles” featuring the soft vocals of Kaisu Mirth, to his ethereal remix of “Young” by Vallis Alps. Although it’s a slow drip-feed of tunes from Dream Journal at times, it makes every release that much more special.

“Take You Home” is no exception. An introduction of gentle piano and an intimate vocal daydream by Maiah Manser swiftly takes root and is carried away on its deep bass foundation, flourishing in fields of reverb vocal fragments along with some subtle percussion.

If you enjoy this song, keep an eye out for future live shows from Dream Journal. They’re becoming much more of a regular event!

Jinsang – life.

April 7, 2017 New Music

For those of you who listen to Café Chill on the radio, you may have heard a few of the catchy little bumps that we use between segments. Some of our recent favorites come to us from California-based beat maker Jinsang.

With the release of his album “life.” in late 2016, Jinsang quickly became a house favorite for escaping the bitter cold clutches of winter and accompanying our hangouts in the off chance that we receive a day of sun.

Three months later and we are positive that this album filled with twenty-five exotic instrumental beats will remain close company through the rest of 2017.

REDUX: Dylan Stark – Shelter

April 6, 2017 Redux

Back in September of 2015, lost somewhere in the middle of the month-long Seattle music celebration that once was Decibel Festival, I found myself standing in the upper deck of The Crocodile watching over the venue as the crowd waited for Stwo to take the stage. Little did I realize that the highlight of the show would actually be the support, Dylan Stark.

Having felt slightly out of place in a night fueled by trap and DJ sets, Stark brought my attention back to the stage with his performance of elegant nostalgia painted melodies underscored with heavy and sometimes frantic percussive samples. The build of deep tribal drums, the simple bass lines, topped by a choir of swinging vowels and dream-like visuals swirling in the background.

For the last two years, I’ve felt that his song “Shelter” deserved far more attention than it had initially gained. So here I am, creating a new segment and writing about a song that isn’t new but somehow still retains its freshness.


Freud – Velvet Dance EP

April 5, 2017 New Music

Step into the realm of jazz for just a little while with Freud’s new three-song EP “Velvet Dance”.

Elegantly tying the worlds of jazz, hip hop, and electronic music together, Freud has delivered a wonderful small collection of songs for both the passive and the active listeners out there.

Haquin – Vrddhi

April 5, 2017 New Music

A new artist to us here at Café Chill, Haquin delivers some new music to accompany the seasons change!

Based out of Leeds, England, Haquin brings us an almost meditative and calming avant-garde (or avant-chill, according to his tags) sound reminiscent of the affably sporadic blooms, blossoms, scents and colors of spring time.

To further emphasize the idea and beauty of this season, the song title “Vṛddhi” is a Sanskrit term for “growth”. How absolutely fitting.

Have a listen to Haquin’s newest single, and please feel free to surf through the rest of his songs on Soundcloud!

Chrome Sparks – Wake

March 8, 2017 New Music

Chrome Sparks caught us with a surprise release this week!

After his release of 2016’s catchy and detuned “All or Nothing” featuring Angelica Bess of Body Language, we’ve been waiting for an album and tour announcement. Although there is still no album announcement, having been big fans of his work and performances over the last several years, we were ecstatic to get our hands on the new single.

Chrome Sparks (Jeremy Malvin) reveals that the song stems from a span of seclusion in a cabin in upstate New York, adding that suppression of social and physical energy had set in, and the stabbing synths at the tail-end were a means to allow that energy to release.

For us, “Wake” sends us head-first through a romanticized longing for a solitary cruise along an empty Tokyo freeway deep into the night.

You can catch Chrome Sparks live:

Australia Tour: March 11th-12th
SXSW: March 17th-18th
Europe Tour: April 1st-16th

More info here.

Feverkin – Calendar Project

March 7, 2017 New Music

As we slowly roll out of the winter months, anticipating the yearly return of the sweetly scented cherry blossoms and the spirit of the sun, we turn to artist Feverkin for one last intimate gathering around the old wood stove.

Following the release of his enchanting 2016 EP “From Your Window”, Feverkin has taken on the Calendar Project in a monthly effort to refine his already brilliant audio production talents and brush up on visual production.

February pairs Feverkin with saxophonist Cuff Malloy. Yet another artist we are very familiar with here on Café Chill. Through the video we are given a shorthand experience of song construction. Using his handheld, Feverkin captures delicate sounds of bottles settling on counters, the hiss and resonance of faucet water on a rack of plates, and many more textures brought to life by this visual aid.

If this merge of trip-hop and jazz interests you, feel free to check out January’s song and video as well!

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