March 2017

Chrome Sparks – Wake

March 8, 2017 New Music

Chrome Sparks caught us with a surprise release this week!

After his release of 2016’s catchy and detuned “All or Nothing” featuring Angelica Bess of Body Language, we’ve been waiting for an album and tour announcement. Although there is still no album announcement, having been big fans of his work and performances over the last several years, we were ecstatic to get our hands on the new single.

Chrome Sparks (Jeremy Malvin) reveals that the song stems from a span of seclusion in a cabin in upstate New York, adding that suppression of social and physical energy had set in, and the stabbing synths at the tail-end were a means to allow that energy to release.

For us, “Wake” sends us head-first through a romanticized longing for a solitary cruise along an empty Tokyo freeway deep into the night.

You can catch Chrome Sparks live:

Australia Tour: March 11th-12th
SXSW: March 17th-18th
Europe Tour: April 1st-16th

More info here.

Feverkin – Calendar Project

March 7, 2017 New Music

As we slowly roll out of the winter months, anticipating the yearly return of the sweetly scented cherry blossoms and the spirit of the sun, we turn to artist Feverkin for one last intimate gathering around the old wood stove.

Following the release of his enchanting 2016 EP “From Your Window”, Feverkin has taken on the Calendar Project in a monthly effort to refine his already brilliant audio production talents and brush up on visual production.

February pairs Feverkin with saxophonist Cuff Malloy. Yet another artist we are very familiar with here on Café Chill. Through the video we are given a shorthand experience of song construction. Using his handheld, Feverkin captures delicate sounds of bottles settling on counters, the hiss and resonance of faucet water on a rack of plates, and many more textures brought to life by this visual aid.

If this merge of trip-hop and jazz interests you, feel free to check out January’s song and video as well!

Pines – Tell Me (ft. Water Park)

March 1, 2017 New Music

Our Adelaide-based buddies PINES are back, bringing us a fresh collaboration with a second Australian duo named Water Park. The song is driven by a flux of soft saw-wave synths, and gently guides us along with contemplative and halcyon vocals.

In addition to the new release, PINES has announced that they will be performing and hanging out at SXSW, March 10-19 in Austin, TX. Keep your eyes peeled!

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