Episode 2023-27: leafmold, BeachesBeaches, FTP and more

July 3, 2023 Podcast
View of a canyon extending to the horizon. The canyon is shaded with sunlight reaching the peaks of the mountains within the canyon. In the foreground is the shaded edge of a cliff. The sky is blue with some white clouds on the horizon.

Episode 2023-27

Playlist (as previously run on KNHC):

  • Bowcraft – Cicada
      Release: Many Distant Cities
      Label: 1469535 Records DK
  • Monster Rally – El Retorno
      Release: Return to Paradise
      Label: Monster Rally
  • Flamingosis – Future Lounge (feat. A Sol Mechanic)
      Release: Kahunastyle
      Label: Kahuna Style
  • Hello Meteor – The Tropic Sport Lounge
      Release: The Oahu GP
      Label: Evergreen Prefecture
  • Hotel Pools – Distance (feat. Memorex Memories)
      Release: Distance – Single
      Label: Lofi Records
  • X3SR – Farewell
      Release: Sublimation
      Label: X3SR
  • FTP – sometimes i sit alone (slowgramming remix)
      Release: are we there yet
      Label: slowgramming
  • leafmold – Pacific
      Release: Palms
      Label: Sleepdance Records
  • Richard Alfaro – Alone
      Release: Refract
      Label: Richard Alfaro
  • Tycho – Dictaphone’s Lament
      Release: Past Is Prologue
      Label: Ghostly International
  • System – Manarola
      Release: Common Water – EP
      Label: 949877 Records DK2
  • C418 & Kuabee – Tingle
      Release: Excursions
      Label: C418
  • Ethan Wilson – World Lines
      Release: Relativity – EP
      Label: SVNSET WAVES
  • BeachesBeaches – I Know There’s An Answer (BeachesBeaches Edit)
      Release: I Know There’s An Answer – (BeachesBeaches Edit)
      Label: BeachesBeaches

Hosted by Seth.

Photo: “South Rim Village Sunset”. Credit: Grand Canyon National Park/National Park Service, public domain [i].

URBVN – Stay

June 19, 2018 New Music

There’s nothing quite like waking up to a tip-off from one of your newer favorite artists about what would become yet another one of your new favorite artists. In the very early hours of this morning, Yu-Utsu sent out a message to followers about the release of “Stay”, a fresh album from fellow Evergreen Prefecture label artist URBVN. Not one to pass on suggestions by other great musicians and producers, I dove right in to the first two singles asRead More

Pines – Tell Me (ft. Water Park)

March 1, 2017 New Music

Our Adelaide-based buddies PINES are back, bringing us a fresh collaboration with a second Australian duo named Water Park. The song is driven by a flux of soft saw-wave synths, and gently guides us along with contemplative and halcyon vocals. In addition to the new release, PINES has announced that they will be performing and hanging out at SXSW, March 10-19 in Austin, TX. Keep your eyes peeled!

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