Episode 2022-15: RUMTUM, Macroblank, Beerlover and more.

April 11, 2022 Podcast
Trees on a mountain ledge

Episode 2022-15

Playlist (as run on KNHC on 10 Apr 2022):
CRAETION – Beachside
Beerlover – i love you
Treetalking – Eyes of the Observer
Past Palms – Midnight Sun
RUMTUM – Commit Way
Resotone – What Never Was.
Emancipator – Pancakes
Freud – Faux Pas
Marley Carroll – Home Planet
Macroblank – Vice Grip
Florida Skyline – Let’s Go Home Now
Ruck P – Belvedere
Birocratic – Wrapped Up

Hosted by Seth.

Photo: “Ledges with Spring Trees”. Credit: Cuyahoga Valley National Park (National Park Service), public domain [i].

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