Episode 2022-37: Bonobo, Hello Meteor, Arovane and more

September 12, 2022 Podcast
Rain clouds in sky and large field of tallgrass and wildflowers in foreground

Episode 2022-37

Playlist (as run on KNHC on 11 Sep 2022):

  • Bonobo – Elysian
      Release: Fragments
      Label: Ninja Tune
  • Fosterbeats – Trumbo
      Release: The SunShakers Tape
      Label: 1959029 Records DK
  • Hello Meteor – The Northern Rim Archipelago
      Release: Welcome To New Cascade
      Label: Evergreen Prefecture
  • Deep Shoq – Marathon
      Release: Pause – EP
      Label: SVNSET WAVES
  • RUMTUM – Escape Cape (Brothertiger Remix)
      Release: Escape Cape (Brothertiger Remix) – Single
      Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings
  • Vanilla – Fuji
      Release: Origin
      Label: VinDig
  • Washed Out – Don’t Give Up
      Release: Paracosm
      Label: Pod
  • Teebs – While You Dooooo (Extended)
      Release: Collections 01
      Label: Brainfeeder
  • Rhoda – For You (Flamingosis Remix)
      Release: For You (Flamingosis Remix) – Single
      Label: Rhoda
  • A.L.I.S.O.N – Always In My Dreams
      Release: Sunshine Girl – Single
      Label: A.L.I.S.O.N
  • Arovane – Tides
      Release: Tides (2022 Remaster)
      Label: Keplar
  • Imagined Herbal Flows – Breeze
      Release: Floating – EP
      Label: DDM Recordings
  • Macroblank – can’t fight it
      Label: Macroblank
  • Eyukaliptus – Summit
      Release: The Moon_tape
      Label: 857594 Records DK

Hosted by Seth.

Photo: “June 2006 Rain on the Prairie”. Credit: NPS Photo (Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve), public domain [i].

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