Episode 2022-48: gonima, Aphex Twin, Boom Bip and more

November 28, 2022 Podcast
A winter landscape, with evergreen trees covered in snow and ice. The ground is snow covered. There are some clouds in the sky, but it is mostly blue, on a sunny day. The ground slopes downward.

Episode 2022-48

Playlist (as run on KNHC on 27 Nov 2022):

  • Arms and Sleepers – Greetings from Tokyo
      Release: Black Paris 86
      Label: Arms and Sleepers
  • Aphex Twin – IZ-US
      Release: Come to Daddy
      Label: Warp Records
  • Anenon – Dreamer (For Mary Jane)
      Release: Sunsets and Clocks – EP
      Label: Non Projects
  • Rykard – North Cormorant Obscurity
      Release: Arrive The Radio Beacon
      Label: Hunya Munya Records
  • Cepia – Hoarse
      Release: Natura Morta
      Label: Ghostly International
  • Mvnners – Waking up Next to Someone You Love
      Release: Camden
      Label: SXN
  • Boom Bip – Last Walk Around Mirror Lake (Boards of Canada Remix)
      Release: Corymb
      Label: Lex Records
  • Gold Panda – New Days
      Release: The Work
      Label: City Slang
  • gonima – Warm Season
      Release: Strands
      Label: SVNSET WAVES
  • Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsam
      Release: …I Care Because You Do
      Label: Warp Records
  • Casino Versus Japan – Marilyn Set Me Free
      Release: Hitori + Kaiso (1998 – 2001)
      Label: Attacknine Records
  • Komodo – Concept 11
      Release: Still Life
      Label: Points Records
  • Ametsub – Snowy Lava
      Release: The Nothings Of The North
      Label: Mille Plateaux
  • 20HoursAfterDawn – Sweetness Of Fake Pollution
      Release: Sun Will Crackle – EP
      Label: I Low You records

Hosted by Seth.

Photo: “Winter Atop Cadillac”. Credit: Acadia National Park/National Park Service photo, public domain [i].

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