Episode 2023-06: Mac DeMarco, Jinx & Nightflyer, Decisive Koala and more

February 6, 2023 Podcast
An image of a night sky in a rural area. The sky is star filled, with some clouds, and hues of blue and orange. There are shadows of trees in the foreground as well as evidence of human habitation in the form of a utility pole.

Episode 2023-06

Playlist (as run on KNHC on 05 Feb 2023):

  • Kaelyn – The Mood
      Release: The Mood – Single
      Label: Majestic Casual Records
  • Floating Forest – Lonesome (Special Edition)
      Release: Nature Sounds After Dark
      Label: Floating Forest
  • Mac DeMarco – Crescent City
      Release: Five Easy Hot Dogs
      Label: Mac’s Record Label
  • Boards of Canada – Turquoise Hexagon Sun
      Release: Music Has the Right to Children
      Label: Warp Records
  • Chris LaRue – Wool Socks
      Release: Lo-Fi Meditations
      Label: Evergreen Prefecture
  • lover girl – Soft Lights
      Release: Stay Asleep – Single
      Label: SXN
  • Jinx & Nightflyer – Solace (Nightflyer Mix)
      Release: Solace (Nightflyer Mix) – Single
      Label: Nightflyer
  • Elven Mirrors. – Walking Meditation
      Release: Chrono
      Label: Azlyn Records!
  • Le Caire – Selfless
      Release: Stratford Ct. | Secret Selection #51‚Äč-‚Äč60
      Label: Stratford Ct.
  • Sloslylove – Memories (Secrets)
      Release: Secret Dreams
      Label: Sloslylove
  • Decisive Koala – Locate Memories
      Release: Locate Memories – Single
      Label: Decisive Koala
  • BODYBITE – Woken Up by the Sun
      Release: Pretty World
      Label: 1629096 Records DK
  • Recondite – Equal (Bonus Track)
      Release: Dwell
      Label: Ghostly International
  • Illuvia – Summer Cloud
      Release: Summer Rain – Single
      Label: Dewtone Recordings
  • Site Nonsite – Moss Garden
      Release: Kyoto – EP
      Label: Obvious Things
  • Third Person Lurkin – Adrift
      Release: The Lake of Woods
      Label: Bad Taste Records

Hosted by Seth.

Photo: “Night Sky”. Credit: Cedar Breaks National Monument/National Park Service, public domain [i].

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