Episode 2023-31: Virtual Cat, Catching Flies, Eagle Eyed Tiger and more

July 31, 2023 Podcast
A field of wildflowers. In the foreground are green, leafy plants with a few purple bushy flowers. Behind that is the rest of the field, with blue grass-like plants. A dark tree-line is in the background. A sliver of very light blue sky can be seen.

Episode 2023-31

Playlist (as previously run on KNHC):

  • Memorex Memories – There Is an Eternal Summer in a Grateful Heart
      Release: The Life of Riley
      Label: Stratford Ct.
  • CRAETION – Beachside
      Release: SVMMER SVN vol. 5
      Label: SVNSET WAVES
  • Terekke – Jqm
      Release: Plant Age
      Label: L.I.E.S.
  • Jack Wilbs – Water
      Release: Water
      Label: Jack Wilbs
  • Teen Daze – Looking West
      Release: Late Summer Compilation Vol.10 (Part II)
      Label: LAGASTA
  • Eagle Eyed Tiger – Protocol
      Release: SVMMER SVN vol. 7
      Label: SVNSET WAVES
  • Catching Flies – Komorebi
      Release: Silver Linings
      Label: Indigo Soul
  • Emancipator & 9 Theory – Tangerine Sour
      Release: A Thousand Clouds – EP
      Label: Loci Records
  • Letherette – Sun Up
      Release: Brown Lounge Vol. 5
      Label: Wulf
  • Monster Rally – Grassy Crystals
      Release: Botanica Dream
      Label: Monster Rally
  • Monster Rally – Escape to the Cloud Forest (Along the River)
      Release: Escape to the Cloud Forest – Single
      Label: Monster Rally
  • Swimming TV – Shaman
      Release: Raindance – EP
      Label: Cosmonostro
  • Virtual Cat – Hydrangea
      Release: June Cat
      Label: Ikimono Records
  • Elsa Hewitt – Tiny Dancer
      Release: Citrus Paradisi
      Label: ERH
  • Tomas Novoa – Tundra
      Release: Espacio Negativo
      Label: 803651 Records DK

Hosted by Seth.

Photo: “Late Summer Wildflowers”. Credit: Homestead National Historical Park / National Park Service, public domain [i].

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