Episode 2024-21: XXYYXX, Xandra and more

May 19, 2024 Podcast
A brightly lit underwater scene. Sunlight filters through blue water, revealing colorful coral in shades of green and yellow. Striped fish flit among the coral.

Episode 2024-21

Playlist (as previously run on KNHC):

• Lord RAJA – Dipteres Pt. 2
  Release: Rubies – EP
  Label: Ghostly International

• Possums at Twilight – Moments of Isolation
  Release: Herichor
  Label: Twilight Possums

• Slow Magic – Manhattan
  Release: How to Run Away
  Label: Downtown Records

• Gold Falls – KMNK
  Release: KMNK – Single
  Label: Gold Falls

• The Faded – Uncertainties
  Release: Uncertainties
  Label: The Faded

• J. Roosevelt – Parachute
  Release: Meditations on Silence – EP
  Label: J. Roosevelt

• Prismic Delight – Bridge Sessions
  Release: Mystical Volume I
  Label: Optimystic Records

• Xandra – Petrichor
  Release: Petrichor
  Label: Xandra

• Jetson – Just A Dream Character
  Release: Just a Dream Character – Single

• Eikona – Artemis
  Release: Artemis – Single
  Label: Insight Music

• XXYYXX – Never Leave
  Release: Xxyyxx
  Label: 3235629 Records DK2

• Geotic – Actually Smiling
  Release: Abysma
  Label: MERLIN – Ghostly International

• Edamame – Periderm
  Release: Periderm
  Label: Abandon Building Records

• Mornings – Dear
  Release: Mornings
  Label: Mornings

• X3SR – How You Feel
  Release: Melancholia – EP
  Label: X3SR

• Dephrase – Songs I Never Wrote
  Release: Chillhop Essentials Spring 2016
  Label: Chillhop Music

Hosted by Seth.

Photo: “Underwater Scenic”. Credit: Biscayne National Park/National Park Service, public domain [i].

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