Episode 2024-24: Skrypnyk, monoscape, WMD and more

June 10, 2024 Podcast
Close-up of vibrant purple flowers with bright yellow centers. Green stems hold the blooms upright against a backdrop of pristine white sand. The hot sun casts a sharp shadow of the flowers onto the sand.

Episode 2024-24

Playlist (as aired):

• Greybox – closer
  Release: Closer – Single
  Label: Greybox

• GlobulDub – Laughter
  Release: Hip – Hop Symposium Vol. 3 (Childhood) – Single
  Label: Chill Masters Records

• Skrypnyk – Whatever Makes You Happy
  Release: Suburbia
  Label: Skrypnyk

• Hello Meteor – The Building of Forests
  Release: The End of All Known Land
  Label: Evergreen Prefecture

• Steven Deblat – Is This 2 Much 4 U?
  Release: Acedia
  Label: steven deblat

• WMD – The Chills
  Release: Sophrosyne
  Label: WMD

• Memorex Memories – Beacon Hill
  Release: The Life of Riley
  Label: Stratford Ct.

• monoscape – Elysian Valley
  Release: Worldview
  Label: monoscape

• Arovane – Passage To Nagoya (2023 Remaster)
  Release: Lilies (2023 Remaster)
  Label: Keplar

• Sulyya – Romdeau
  Release: Petal Collage – Single
  Label: Ian Aisling Media

• Tycho – Outer Sunset
  Release: Simulcast
  Label: Mom+Pop

• 100 Day Delay – Yarrow
  Release: Yarrow
  Label: 645497 Records DK

• VIQ – Illusion
  Release: Crystal Shores
  Label: VIQ

• Imagined Herbal Flows – Departure
  Release: Departure – EP
  Label: Seeking Blue

Hosted by Seth.

Photo: “Gypsum Centaury in Early Summer”. Credit: White Sands National Park/National Park Service, public domain [i].

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