We’re preparing another delicious edition of the show!

September 14, 2018 Upcoming on Cafe Chill

Featuring tracks from Jinsang, Late June, Emancipator and Birocratic. Join us on your local public radio station, and remember to support them!

Getting another Cafe Chill together for you.

September 7, 2018 Upcoming on Cafe Chill

We’re featuring some sweet etherial sounds from William French, and a B-side collaboration between Flying Lotus (twitter / insta) & Baths. Then we’ll ramp it up with artists like Ukiyo & Frythm (twitter / insta).

Reach out to us on Instagram and Twitter — and listen for us on & support your public radio station.

What we’re working on

August 31, 2018 Upcoming on Cafe Chill

Welcome to September! As we enter the 3rd quarter of the 3rd quarter, we continue our search for the music to serve as your chill soundtrack.

We’re working on revisiting some classic chillwave sounds. We’ll also dip into our trip hop library, and hit you with some lush lo-fi hip-hop vibes. Sprinkling that all with a little bit of Flamingosis, birocratic and Paternoster Poetry.

All on your public radio station!

Takeleave – “Habitat”, taste of new album

August 28, 2018 New Music

Fresh sounds from @MOONCIRCLE artist Takeleave as he drops “Habitat”, the first single from the upcoming album “Inner Sea”.

Clickthru to sample.

Coming up on Cafe Chill

August 25, 2018 Upcoming on Cafe Chill

Getting the latest edition of Cafe Chill together for you. We’re featuring new music from Koresma, Feverkin & Sendai Mike, digging out some classic Gold Panda and exploring some jazz + trip hop sounds. Reach out to us on Instagram and Twitter — and listen for us on & support your public radio station.

Café Chill in Austin

August 24, 2018 Cafe Chill News

Café Chill was in Austin this past week for the Public Radio Content Conference. It was supercool to have so much forward-thinking talent in one place.

Looking forward to our new friendships on our journey!

憂鬱 – “Logo”

August 24, 2018 New Music

Check out the brand new 憂鬱 album “Logo” out on ! Perfect for a late night walk through the city.

Click thru for a listen.

URBVN – Stay

June 19, 2018 New Music

There’s nothing quite like waking up to a tip-off from one of your newer favorite artists about what would become yet another one of your new favorite artists. In the very early hours of this morning, Yu-Utsu sent out a message to followers about the release of “Stay”, a fresh album from fellow Evergreen Prefecture label artist URBVN. Not one to pass on suggestions by other great musicians and producers, I dove right in to the first two singles asRead More

Yu-Utsu – Yu-Utsu

March 28, 2018 New Music

From the synthwave label Midwest Collective comes the brand new and fresh-faced artist Yu-Utsu! These days, it seems very likely that we are seeing a boom in interest and romanticism of our new-age space race. Similar to those who experienced and lived through the very first race through the Cold War: Part One, many artists these days have been drawn to ideas and the ever growing possibilities and fascinations of space and space travel. We’ve seen this with numerous modernRead More

Pacific Coliseum – Ocean City LP

March 20, 2018 New Music

Happy first day of spring! Here’s a little treat to help you soundtrack the beginnings of the season. Pacific Coliseum’s Ocean City LP is yet another perfect soundtrack for those seaside cruises against those orange and pink sunsets shimmering on the water. A slow breeze of 80s city-pop and Japanese jazz inspiration brought to you by Jamison Isaak of Teen Daze and owner of more recently formed record label Flora. The album is book-ended by two versions of Wave Catalyst.Read More

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