Episode 2023-46: Spiritual Awareness, Peregrihn and more

November 12, 2023 Podcast
A wooden fence. Behind the fence are some green deciduous trees. In the foreground is a green, leafy plant. The Cafe Chill logo is superimposed.

Episode 2023-46

Hi guys, I’ve been sick all week/weekend, so the playlist isn’t formatted as usual, but still is valid. Hope you have a great week!
Richard the manager
(not Seth the host)

IOM – You Promised to Come Back
Birocratic – Dead Cat in the Parking Lot
Spiritual Awareness – Zenstrumentals
City Girl – Obsidian Skyline
Aonian – Woven
Lost Integrity – What You Want
Space Ghost – Ufo
Galactic Language – Modern Flora
Peregrihn – Ambrosia
Cepia – Hoarse
Marley Carroll – Home Planet
Shigeto – Ritual Howl
Aliam – Aotra
Magic Touch – Rooftop Garden
Hu – North

Hosted by Seth.

3 Replies to “Episode 2023-46: Spiritual Awareness, Peregrihn and more”

  1. dArIUs dOOm scOtt says:

    Oh no! I’m sorry you’ve been sick! I hope you feel better soon 😉

    Speaking of that, have you been getting better or are you still sick? Just curious 😉

    Sending my best wishes to you, my man 💪 ❤💚🤍🖤😊

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