Episode 2023-47: Koresma, Shadley Peterson, and more

November 20, 2023 Podcast
A class of trees surrounding a Dark Yellow, Caramel-like sky in Port Orchard, WA.

Episode 2023-47

Playlist (as previously run on KNHC):

  • Slow Magic – Manhattan
      Release: How to Run Away
      Label: Downtown Records
  • Sloslylove – Memories (Secrets)
      Release: Secret Dreams
      Label: Sloslylove
  • Manatee Commune – Lovely
      Release: Brush
      Label: Record Union
  • The American Dollar – Sea of Roses
      Release: Beatsupply: Crate07 – EP
      Label: Beatsupply
  • Shadley Peterson – Seaside
      Release: Pearls
      Label: Keats Collective
  • Races – Big Broom (Sun Glitters Remix)
      Release: Big Broom (Sun Glitters Remix) – Single
      Label: Frenchkiss Records
  • Thrupence – Winston
      Release: Voyages
      Label: Jack Vanzet
  • AstroLogical – Symbiosis
      Release: Private World – EP
      Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings
  • Vanilla – Rainy Day
      Release: Origin
      Label: VinDig
  • Koresma – Northern Lights
      Release: Compass
      Label: Koresma
  • Nonchalant – Tell Me Something Good
      Release: I Wish I Could Be Somewhere With You
      Label: Eastern Nurseries
  • Horizon Fire – Asimov
      Release: Earthlight
      Label: DistroKid.com 579457
  • Gaussian Curve – Broken Clouds
      Release: Clouds
      Label: Music From Memory
  • früit – Prism
      Release: Prism – EP
      Label: SXN
  • Monster Rally – Ginger on the Wind (feat. Mira Cook)
      Release: Menagerie – Single
      Label: Monster Rally

Hosted by Seth.

Photo: “Trees surrounding Caramel Sky”. Alt-text: “A class of trees surrounding a Dark Yellow, Caramel-like sky in Port Orchard, WA”. Credit: Darius Doom Scott, October 2023 via Sedgwick Area. Used by permission.

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